Storm City

March 14, 20140 Comments

STORM CITY, centred on an ultimate man versus nature experiment Using 3D cameras, every move is captured, blow-by-blow for Sky 3D and 2D for Sky Atlantic HD and National Geographic Channel U.S.. Viewers are able to visualise the impact on everything including people, buildings and the infrastructure of a city. Using a 3d holographic table, […]

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Building the Biggest

April 11, 20060 Comments

Titles for Discovery channel series 2006

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Mars Express Beagle 2

April 8, 20030 Comments

Marconi /Open University/Denman Productions – 2003 The Beagle2 project is the British led effort to land a probe on Mars as part of the European Space agency‘s Mars Express Mission launched in June 2003. Beagle 2 was due to land on Mars on 25th December 2003. The spacecraft was successfully ejected from Mars Express on […]

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